Vince Staples Freestyle: LA Leakers Freestyle #114

Vince Staples



[Intro: DJ Sourmilk, Justin Credible, & Vince Staples]
Yes, sir! LA Leakers
Justin Credible, Sourmilk

That's right
We've been invaded by Long Beach, man
Long Beach is here!
Long Beach!
Our homie, for many years
Many years
Is stepping up
Many years—second time the charm, right?
Come on, man
Second time around, Vince Staples
We— We got cameras this time, hahahaha
First time on the Freestyle series
Let's get it
Our guy is here, man
Long Beach
Mm, ahem
Vincе Staples, let's get to it [Verse: Vince Staples]
Yеah, plant the seed for the pollen, ignore the politics
Problematic proud of it, automatic shot the whip
Dropping shells from out of that window I felt like Common Sense
Promise I did more for my niggas than them Obamas did
Late-night stepping like "Thriller", you niggas dead to me
Tagging Seventh Street, they scrubbed it off the wall like every week
Famous city by the sea, the streets was cold I felt the breeze
I rose from out the ruins, broke the mold and they neglected me
Hitting licks, them crackers cracked the whip when they arrested me
Tell the ofays I’m doing okay
This the story of O.J
Black against the white, I had to steal nigga

My blood introduced me to this Cripping, I’m for real wit’ it
If I was you and I was thinking I was next up out the Beach
I wouldn’t hold my breath unless you Navy SEAL with it
‘Fore we go to war, you should take a proper gander
See my money from Gardena to Gardere, Louisiana
We was at Lil Weezy Ana (Woo!), came up off them Snack Packs
50-cent for Shastas, Itchy blop' up in the backpack
Little Caesar Hot-N-Ready box, we had to have that
Made us heavy hitters off the block, I’m talking crack-backs
Niggas say I fell off, that’s facts
I guess you can say I fell off of the grid, you like the Netherlands?
Football match in Madrid, this not the Meadowlands
These lil’ niggas punch in the air, and still they never land (Haha)
It’s like they writing with Geppetto hands
If you see yo' perro in a jam can you help the man?
Feel like De La Ghetto with the Prince cannon and the can
Pressure low as Carmelito rent, do you understand? (Yessir)
We spun around his block, he did the Running Man
Shawty did the Lil’ Kim, missed him but we hit his friend

Listening to "Many Men," living out my favorite songs
They killed my lil’ homie ‘fore he got to see his baby grown
And y’all wanna talk about practice
Them suckers down the street get gunned up and clapped quick
The suckers by the Beach get gunned up and clapped quick

Run and point that .32 and make ‘em sicker than Magic, vóilà
If I ever tap the side of his hat, it’s trauma
You will never catch me slipping in traffic
How you coming?
Who put you on? Is you just claiming or you from it?
These niggas out here blowing brains, y’all blowing budgets
Rappers make me sick to my stomach
We glorify who died and demonize the niggas who done it
I thought we was thugging, niggas killed Jabari for nothing (Crazy)I thought we was thugging, niggas killed Jabari for nothing
I thought we was thugging, niggas killed Jabari for nothing
Come onI thought we was thugging, niggas killed Jabari for nothing
Think I’m finna mourn a nigga over bars then you bugging
That’s the real, but can you recognize? The revolution won’t be televised
Them people had me slaving, left me hanging ‘til we severed ties
I was better suited for the shooting
Knew the reverend lies, so I don’t need your praises
I don’t need appraisal for my shine
Real diamond out the rough, you niggas in the lab
I heard y’all out here cooking up, them crackers in y’all bag
You say my name up in a song and I’ma kill yo’ ass
And I ain’t talking rap

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