[Verse 1]
Earthy, sturdy, stubborn, dirty
Friends of the trees
Wind is soaring, blowing, brushing through the leaves
Water flowing, calm and serene
Around the rocks, maneuvering
Fire burning, glowing, overtaking everything
Through the steam, I can see
Coexisting, coexisting
Why do we put others down? I spend all my time lifting
All of life runs in a circle now
The circle of life consisting of shifting personalities and towns
You affect everyone around you somehow [Hook]
Through the steam, I can see
Through the steam, I can see
Coexisting[Verse 2]
Plop, squat, droppеd right onto this earth
Taught lessons from birth
But my consciousness was hеre first
And, I mean, what if I wanted to be a bird?
But no luck for you, man, you're fucked
You'll stay one for the rest of your life, go to class
Who cares if people like you? You're here to pass
Keep your head down on your paper
Let your mind wander later
Put these numbers in the calculator
Can't give a fuck about any haters, yep yep!
Yin and yang, yin and yang, that's a keeper
Like in the grey area that is life
No, nothing is just black and white
Nothing is just black and white[Bridge]
We fear what we don't understand
And humans bot defense mechanisms
That create prisons in our minds
A good person can be hard to find
Purity checked behind bars, confined by the times
Stick your leg through life's so-so-so-societal strife
Nothing is just black and white
No, nothing's just black and white![Verse 3]
Wh-Wh-Wh-White: The absence of all color
Black, being every single color
We see in color
No need to think on a spectrum of just "all or none", because
There's something in-between, and that thing's fun!
And that thing's love
There's something in-between, that's everything good
So let's embody the rainbow, just as we should
Girthy, husky, chunky, chubby, let's get healthy
Skinny, twiggy, lanky, curvy, let's get wealthy
So many labels
For some simple vessels
None of it matters, so I mean what I mean[Verse 4]
What if your green was my pink and my purple was your red?
Would my sight be a lie, and yours rein true instead?
Rein true instead
You catch me on a lure and ask me to relax
But this is not my home, I'm a fucking fish!
And fish will swim
And birds will fly
But environment doesn't prove who's the better guy, no!
Go, go
Coexisting, coexist
They live off the earth, and we drink from fountains
We each have unique lessons, from the pavement to the mountains
This is only the earth, a melting pot of energies
Any second, I feel like I'm gonna go crazy
And, through the steam, I can see
I can see
This is only my mind, a teapot bubbling
Any second, I feel like I am gonna scream
And, through the steam, I can see
I can see

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