Imagination lyrics

Pitter patter pitter patter
Dark matter dark matter
Pitter matter dark patter? [Verse 1]
I'm creepy
Hola shaky
Odd scenery
I don't know so don't you take me
Don't you fake me
Im too sneaky
Amateurs pay tutoring fees
I'm a handful of things that you like
Like indulgent trail mix and quarters and dimes
Balance like checkbooks I don't pay no price
Sitting in candle lit nooks all cozy and nice
A word of advice
We don't think twice
Took a look at your liquor took bigger sips than a thicker swigger should
Feelin pretty good
On the low blowin Os foes of mine get no shows
On your toes simple hoe and on outta my hood
If you're sleepin on me, take a melatonin
Don't want you at my show and[Hook 1]
I'm playin' around on this beat like it's the jungle gym
You know I'm still just a kid
Let's unleash our magic nation
Let's all unleash our magic nation
The world inside impossible changes, UH[Post-Hook]
When the moon hits I can feel the changes
This is thriller bitch no Michael Jackson
You can throw a hit, I retaliate faster
Reflexes of a cat and personality to match it[Interlude]
Purr purr purr, Ima
Purr purr purr[Verse 2]
Ima make that kitten purr, not obscene
I can just lure them throwing cat treats in the backstreets
If you try to find me
You’ll only see me turning the corner, just as you catch a peak
You're running late, so you take a break
Grab a drink
Who you think you're gonna see sitting in a leather seat?
Well, I'm the girl thatcha see chillin' in the back rolling up
French inhaling and petting cats sneak a seat
I'm open always to enlightened chat
Let me get a piece of that[Hook 2]
Let's unleash our magic nation
Let's all unleash our magic nation
Let me switch it up real quick[Breakdown]
Fuck with this imagination
All that lava on the floor
Sticks as swords and pinecone grenades (hehehe, HA! aw shit)
I'm in the shade of clouds pouring acid rain
5, 54321
Can you imagine?
Sippin' on some shit that would turn you in, but you wake up later
Riding on a cell through your bloodstream, that's your favorite color?
And can you imagine?
Walking below the lake, sitting on some clouds playing patty cake
Or every single little step that you take causing a massive
Let's unleash our magic nation
Lets unleash our magic nation
Go! Go![Bridge]
Fuck with this imagination hey
Fuck with this imagination
Can you keep up with the changes?
Fuck with this imagination
Uhhh, in what world does a dragon have a unicorn horn that can shoot lazerbeams?
Heh, whatever kid. One day youll have to accept the world for how it really is

I apologize for the life of lies that you're living in
I ascended this plane's shit when I was 6 and my body's just a vessel
But these words are lethal weapons
I see you testin me reality is just an illusion
Can't ya see? You can't best me
Got besties in alternate dimensions

VFKR – Imagination

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