Guda {Verse 1]
Dying, I need to get out
Trapped, man I locked myself out
Every day I lose myself wow
No one looks at me the same now
I just feel like I'm a puppet
I might go and kick the bucket
Life is getting rough and
I don't know if I can really trust em
I dont sip no Robotussin
I just go and keep it trucking
I just go and get it tugging
Man my mind is really bugging
I'm so tired of all this running
I hate being out in public
Man this life is really nothing
Am I doing this for nothing?
Every day I'm really bored
I am just a stupid *bleep*
Settling this stupid score
What do I do this for
Shaking, laying on the floor
On the way out close the door
My true love I can't restore
Spread my wings out thеn I soar
Back to a place where I snorе
I'm obsessed with violent gore
Buying monster at the store
Tell me do you love me more?

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