Blazin lyrics

[Verse 1: Vanquish]
I ain't worried bout nobody, if you talking bet I show up
You know me, I keep it blazing, if you want it come and roll up
I got cannons on my forearms, feel like popeye, watch me swole up
Know I got a short fuse, keep on talking, watch me blow up
Bitch, I feel like Rambo, how I'm firing these arms
Smoke is all you see when I be firing off these bars
You're looking at a star, I'm a rebel with no cause
Want to toe to toe with me, then I'mma send you to the gods
Big bang, aiming at you, know that I'mma shoot it
Think that we're a team, I'mma have to make you prove it
Know exactly what to doing, number one spot I'm pursuing
Deku beating me, ain't no way that I am losing
My swеat's like TNT, yeah, I bet that hе sweating me
Ain't no way he step to me, I am way out of his league
He's a loser, I'm a G, even my kicks got him beat
I'mma light it up and toke it, I'mma smoke em with a beam
Back down! When you bitches talk it's only background
Back down! When you bitches talk it's only [Verse 2: Xtra]
I don't give a fuck cause I don't even hear it
I been blowing up the scene, I got fire in my vision
See me staring from the top, it's not a dream, it's a vision
You ain't messing with my image, when I cut up I'mma kill it
Let the five blast the heat when I put it in your face
Touch my bread, you'll get toast, let me show you how it taste
Got your hands off my plate, I been the best since forever
Blazed up with All Might, looks? Hot like Endeavor
I don't start beef, I end it
I want smoke with niggas
Don't start beef, I end that
When I smoke a nigga
We finna blow (blow)
I might talk my shit and walk that shit to any foe
If you talking shit talk to the hand and let it blow (let it blow)
I'm the GOAT (I'm the GOAT) and the beast don't play with the boss
In the game I'm a cheat to your pave on low with the stick weapons
Burn up, get the drive to kill you, I'm big stepping
Catching flames on this shit bringing pain to a bitch
Watch me cook the beat up, set ablaze, I been lit[Chorus: Vanquish & Xtra]
Got your bitch on her knees when she see the tip top
And your bitch follow me up on TikTok
We got numbers move in silence like a Rolex wrist watch
You gon see for I explode, hear the tick-tock
Smoking all these rappers like a fucking ziplock
At the door with your girl with our lips locked
Your bitch give me head for some Gucci Flip Flop
Masked up, wild boy, then you get off, blah, bitch!

Vanquish – Blazin

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