"Oh my God, Becky, look at his bun. It is so round and so empty, but you know, who understands those burger people. I don't even know why they want them, kay. I mean, that burger is just so bland." [Verse: Vanilla Ice]
I like big buns and I cannot lie
You burger lovers can't deny
That when a grill fires behind a backyard [?]
And there's a hotdog on your plate
The choice ain't tough, wanna pull up [?]
'Cause you noticed that the bun was stuffed
With ketchup, mustard, relish
This hotdog's making you jealous
Oh, Bar-S, I would never switch ya
Wanna take your picture
My frank is cooked so warmly
And this bun I got makes me so hungry
Oh, something's cookin'
You think I'd rather ordеr in?
Well, excuse mе, excuse me
'Cause I ain't that average foodie
I seen 'em grillin'
Don't care if I'm spillin'
No crock pot
Could ever beat a dog that's hot
I'm tried of fries and wings
Seein' hotdogs in my dreams
Take the average chef and tell him that
Uh, he's got a blue red pack
So, fellas (Yeah), ladies (Yeah)
Has your barbecue got Bar-S (Oh yeah)
Tell 'em to taste it (Taste it), taste it (Taste it)
Taste that tasty stuff, baby got buns
Bar-S franks, so hot, so juicy
Bar-S franks, so hot, so juicy
Bar-S franks, so hot, so juicy
Baby got buns

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