Yo this one goes out to all my homies with fire in their tummies [Hook 1]
Flaming hot fire
Spilling out my mouth
Burning my tyre
With oil i douse
All because I’m the eater of the California reaper (eyyy)[Verse]
Hot damn feel like Notre dam
Put out my mouth with water you can
Not Compare, just sit and stare
You ain’t goin’ anywhere, little bear
Cause I don’t care, I’ll burn your hair
You ain’t no nun so let me come
Over to your house, arouse me some
More you goddamn whore
Show me your bum, let me give you some
Straight out my throat
You ain’t cool but I’m so dope
You better hope, that I won’t spit on your boat
Or it’ll catch
Just like a cold
Spreading like you do for gold
It’s getting old, but you don’t want your house to be sold
However it’s on
By all the bars I spit
Like a stick your getting hit with
[Melodic Outro]
Oh it’s burning down
Not making a sound
All you hear are the children screaming
All you see is the fire gleaming
Bringing it down
All to the ground tonight[Real Outro]

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