[Verse 1]
The moment felt familiar when we walked to that lake
Had my hand grasped to yours tight, in spite of your dismay
The leaves started falling, you averted your gaze
Why the face? Why the face?
And I'm losing my hair over someone who don't care about me
Hiding frustration the emotions fall out of me
And I can barely take it, signs clear can't mistake it
It comes to a barrier that I couldn't even break if I tried [Verse 2]
Just lay down and hide
You never gave a fuck about my health in the first place, the first place
So fuck off with your standards, get outta my face
And just take your, hands off my neck
And you'll learn, a bit of some fucking respect
I'm so nervous, an emotional wreck
Not again, not again, not again
If you, say so
I'd just, lay low
Take time, die slow
Take time, die slow
Running round in circles, such a fucking hypocrite
A little liquor, never hurts me as long as I forget about, you[Outro]
As long as I forget about you
As long as I forget about you
As long as I forget about you
As long as I forget about you

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