[Verse 1:]
I got loyalty, royalty, all inside my DNA
The original copy, no I can never be replaced
Haters talk all they want but they will not say it to my face
Don't you ever disrespect me, I'll go off in this place
I'm never regrettin', I never be flexin'
Just stick around and you may learn a lesson
I'm over zealous I have too much aggression
I drop the world, this another recession
Got too much money, have no time to be stressing
I'm on top, I ain't talkin' ranch dressing
Say what you did, but I live in the present
I am the king, all of you my peasants
Got a hip on my gun, I mean gun on my hip
I might mess with lil shawty then turn off and dip
You get hit in the mouth if you giving me lip
I go dumb on the track straight off the rip
Like a thick winter coat, you know I make it zip
We got guns and they come with long banana clips
If you think life's a game you better get a grip
Bust you open and serve you, I ain't talkin chips [Verse 2:]
My mama said I'm talented, it runs in my DNA
Gotta get to the money, I do not care 'bout what they say
Just know you gotta remember haters always gonna hate
Gotta remember the needy will try to eat what's on your plate
I am the best at this, I am the greatest
Been making hits, I was down the basement
We don't explain, We don't do conversation
Messed with yo mama, so we are related
I changed the game like sugar in water
Disrespect my name and I'll take your daughter
Seeing through you like a bottle of water
Swinging with my youngins, Peter Parker
Blessings for my homies like they was sneezing
Friends stabbed me in the back, treason
Had to drop another track, y'all was sleepin'
My bars like are the Atlantic, freezing
I'm the best and that can't be debated
Money didn't grow on trees, till I made it
Had the game froze up, constipated
I came up from the bottom, they hating
Run it up, getting money, came up, ain't it funny
How they told me I would be nothing
Now they turn around like "I need something"
Now I'm at the top and they keep jumping
Said they better than me, why they keep bluffing?
Had to go get my cash up and--
[Verse 3:]
They said if I didn't rap like these industry rappers I wouldn't be hard
Normally I just disregard, those statements are just retarded
Embarrass you like you just farted
You dropped some songs but they ain't charted
You hate my music, want me to stop
But like Lil Byron, I'm just getting started
Lyrically and spiritually I'm everything that you wanna be
I'm already in first place so you won't ever get in front of me
I'm really tired of holding back all these emotions inside of me
"Aye UU, you can't rap!"
Naw forget that, I'm snapping G!
Every time I step up in the building, always get a feeling
Feeling like they staring, cause my presence is really overbearing
Yo I'm done with caring, I'm just gonna snap
I'm done holding back, because this is what it had to be
Cause they had the audacity to think that they gon battle me
To think that they gon hassle me, they brought the demon out of me
I'm married to the game so you could call this monogamy

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