Ramen [literally the shittiest thing i've ever made]



Rap, Meme Rap

Ramen [literally the shittiest thing i've ever made] lyrics

I love ramen
You love ramen
We all love ramen!!! It's your boy JD on the trackChorus
Ramen ramen ramen
Ramen ramen ramen ramenWhat's that? It's ramen of course
Aye yuh yuh yuh aye yuh
Ramen it's ramenVerse 1
I need to bring this up
This isn't necessarily a song about ramen
I mean it it's just kinda more "trash rapping"
If I'm being honest
Sorry if you expected an actual song
Me too, but
That really didn't happen, did it?
SorryVerse 2
She likes the dick raw like her ramen
She sprinkles the powder on the dick
Can't seem to lick so it just sticks
Can't get my fix
Hop of it bitch, this ain't Disney
I ain't a fucking snitch
I ain't rich
Just make the rappers
[inaudible undetermined words]
Cause I'm a joke
Go... cry to your sister cause she'll be
Calling me daddyOutro
I deeply apologize
That was equally as terrible as
Me singing it was
And you
Your ears hearing it
I am so sorry
Unfortunateboyfriend – Ramen [literally the shittiest thing i\'ve ever made]

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