[Intro: Scarface]
I TOLD YOU MANG, DONT FUCK WITH ME [Verse 1: Manikin][Verse 2: Undxxd]
Wit my condom blade
Never met anyone who’d wanna stay
In this sunny state
Cuz I know one day all of us evaporate
Caught up in my room in isolation
This that shit I rather be occupatin
They want me to do a different occupation
Sorry that just ain’t up for Debation
I don’t even care bout our relations
I murder everything that I’m facin
Every motherfucker jumps when the bass is playin
Looked at yo shows n that shit is vacant
Aye bitch but you gotta get how you live
Yes I did
Mama always fed everything to ya wit a bid
I’m just a kid
Tall jit That lives upon the ridge
Bop this shit for me on yo way to the fridge
[Outro: Undxxd]

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