Okay Aqua! [Verse 1: Sxreph][Verse 2: Manikin][Verse 3: Undxxd]
See me dancing in the night time with my motherfucking Glock
Asking why you so quiet bitch i never liked to talk
Asked so many questions I get fed up watching you getting popped
Scanning my opponents feel like Jason the  with the way I stalk
Slice your throat n watch the blood spill to get some peace in mind
Would do it to the rest of y’all but im never left with fucking time
Do it all for free do it for less than a dime
Tryna be a fucking rapper you a pedo in disguise
Wait hold up wait hold up wait hold up wait
These puny motherfuckers gotta go they still wearing bape
9mm make you dash like you doing the fucking race
Corpse hits the floor and bounces up like these bitches cake[Verse 4: Aquasocks]

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