[Intro: Chris Fehn, Undxxd, Sedy]
Understand Slipknot back then is really difficult because it's such
It's like such mental abuse (you know we in this bitch)
You know just never getting any love (aye, yuh)
From the guys at all (god damn, what)
You know it was just a really hard time but I really really love music
(Bitch I'm, Bitch I'm)
Bitch I’m [Verse 1: Undxxd]
Bitch I’m doin a Kamikaze in the Maserati
Choppa hit yo body gonna swing it like I’m cocky
In the hotel lobby cuz I know you can stop me
Beat a fuckin zombie with the stick like some hockey
Imma dive up in a bitch like an ocean while I’m boastin
Me n Lenny dozen
Stompin fucking skulls with no emotions
Roller coastin but no smokin so I eat cbd
Still young but I Grew up off that b.e.t
Like any motherfucker can pull up n get hit wit the stick
Any motherfucker can pull up n get pistol whipped
A lot of you bitches will do anything for clicks
Suck a dick 11 inch or get dragged n get stitched like
Bitches in ditches
I ain’t passin my digits
Glock pops if you fidget
I will never fuck wit you bitches
Goin from rags to some riches
In this bitch like it’s my bin’ness
Blade does flippin n switchin
Slice off a couple of inches
Of flesh[Verse 2: Sedy]
I put a tab oner tounge
Breathe in the gas to my lungs
I give a fuck bout the funds
Found out a fuckboy was wrong all long
I get my grip on her thong
Dick is too long
You gotta problem? Bitch what
Look at my wrist it a clock
Tickety tock
Loose of a fifth oda rum
Filling the void
Feel no remorse
Pull out the blade leave his ass as a corpse
Cutup yo face
Blood on the floor
Put you down in the lake just for taking a look
Fuck up a fade
Leave you to lay
But only if you got a problem with me
Bust oner face
Up oner chin
I fuck or there’s nothing a bitch ain’t a friend
You say you posted
You say you drinking
You say you focused but really don’t mean it
I see right through you
Fun ur demeaner
Practice the voodoo
Might Leave ur ass speechless
Hey, me n Cthulhu go crazy
Bitch on my ball like Tom Brady
Save me
Fuck on yo lady
Bitch ima god just like Sades
Engraving to everything that I’m obtaining
But ima pop out
Like shit never came wita top down
Fuck y’all
Why we in lockdown
Shit is the last straw
Better run cus this shit will not last long
Shit is emotional cancer
Now I see it the Pope is a vampire
When i pull up I’m murking my land lord
For the last time
Leave a drag line
Take ur soul, eat it
Kick in your fetus
Best bring a blade or a strap u gon need it
Fuck up his life and you’ve token his freedom
But Spending yo life in a cell ain’t illegal
Take him away
My conscious will fade

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