Well the cuckoo, she's a pretty bird
And she warbles as she flies
She'll never say cuckoo
'Til the fourth of July Well for working, I'm too lazy
And for begging, that's too slow
Train a-robbing, too dangerous
So to gamble, did I goAnd I gambled, out in England
I gambled over in Spain
And it never brought me nothing
Except its feel-good, and its shameHeadin' out on Tenkiller Mountain
I'm gonna build me, I'm gonna build me a still
I'll sell you two gallons
For a five dollar billGonna build me, a log cabin
On a mountain so high
So I can see my sugar baby
As she goes easing byAnd the cuckoo, she's a pretty bird
She warbles as she flies
Shе'll never say cuckoo
Til' the fourth day of July

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