Our Little Things (For Vic Chesnutt)

Uncle Sinner


Hunkered down in my nest today
I am a dusty-winged bird of prey
Every time someone passes by
I cast an imperious eye
And I squawk a mighty squawk
This yellow-taloned hawk
Likes to watch a single sunbeam
Illuminate the dust of our history I didn’t mean to scare you that day
But I’ve heard that all the soft words are the first to fly awayPerching up on the banister
My head reverberating with some angry words
I once thought you’d hang onto me
I didn’t know how wrong I could be
All you saw were my wings
Kicking up a bit of dust on our little things
The sun hides behind those clouds again
And coming up is an ugly windShe said to rub some tar on them today
“When you’re flying too high, they’ll burn much better that way”

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