[Intro: Dr. TC]
Tyler, we, ah, I know it's short notice but I brought all your friends here
For some reason I couldn't get a hold of Taco and Jasper
But, I just brought all your friends here to talk to you
Because they're really worried about you
I thought it would be better if, they could talk to you [Verse 1: Domo Genesis]
It was all a dream, I used to read
When I rhyme, I'm tryna get pictures in Smoke trees and see my dreams hanging in the skyline
Swanton bomb off the bed into a fine dime
In my mind, I'm just tryna smoke the finest
And get high sticking bad heinas in vaginas
I'm the flyest when it come to this, fire when I come to spit
I am getting higher when the lighter comes in front of this
I'm a stoner, yeah, yeah, yeah, you get the picture now
30 thousand feet gon' make it hard for me to simmer down
Another flight, another beat, another city, wow!
Thus another couple bitches crying when I kick 'em out
Where we at? Where we at? Where we at? Where we at?
We on top of the world, where we at?
We on top of the world, where we at?[Verse 2: Frank Ocean]
And five minutes from suicide, I biked it to the park
I walked onto the block, met a guy, burgundy 'Preme snap-back
Hurling himself at cars, and flirting with blonde Cadillacs
All was gray, all was gray, Frankie had the blues in fact
Bunch of pale hipster girls, pretty, but they booty flat
Teenage males, couldn't tell I was going through it
Had a wallet full of cream, Amex Green, Bimmer almost black
Parked in front the studio Bastard's recorded at
Earl, Gilbert, Tyler, Hodgy, Domo, Left, Taco, Nakel
Sydney, Lionel, Juan, Michael, Jasper, Hal and Matt
Bet I'm missing several but I had to bring that pattern back
We live inside a house that says "Fuck 'em!" on the welcome mat
Deep inside the ear canals of Bill O'Reilly's daughter, that's where I'm at
Now, where we at? Where we at? Wolf Gang, where we at? (Wolf Gang)
[Verse 3: Hodgy]
Swell motions get promotions, to my whole team
Hell yeah, I smoke weed 'cause I like to go green
Professor Beats educates niggas, let me proceed
Shine chandelier bright might make your nose bleeds
We at Randy's ordering that 306
Milk and glaze is the greed gold mix me
Your bitch is coming along, yeah, she hum to my song
Singing like they were for her, but they were for the blur
No longer, but we were in premature, immature
She's unsure, I'm for sure, blouse and dress and my shirt
On the floor then pick it up, out the door, door
Chased, an imaginary friend, a reverie absorption
Impregnate the dream 'til it has an abortion
Where we at? Where we at? Where we–
We on top of the world, on top of the world
Nigga, top of the world[Verse 4: Mike G]
Everything they say I'd never have, I'm seeing
Now, I bet they see that we balling like All-Star Weekend
Always been the most cool, they chase our shade
They say life switches pace when you got shit made
So I'm just tryna get paid, don't you remember the days
When your dreams were the only thing that kept you sane?
And too often they think that they could stop me
Now every show we makin' half a Maserati
And the only thing blocking me is paparazzi
Now it's gold Rolex's if they try to clock me
Everything stays in the box like fighters in hockey
Miss me if you're thinking we slack, work hard
I got the world saying every single Friday is black
Took your bitch, you ain't getting her back, 'cause she know
Where we at, nigga? Where we at, nigga?
Uh, we on top of the world, on top of the world
[Interlude: Tyler, The Creator]
Where we at, where we at, niggas? Where we at?
Where the fuck we at, man? You niggas don't know me, huh
Where we at?[Verse 5: Tyler, The Creator]
Down to fucking Earth, huh, down to fucking Earth, huh
Fuck everybody, here goes some extra girth, Sir
You fucking critics are making my nerves hurt
Since I'm saying "Fuck everybody", I guess that I'm a fucking pervert
My window is a book and I'm a fucking crook
Stealing phones to call home, but the line is off the hook
My mom ain't paid the bill, guess I can't pay it either
I ain't signed a fucking deal yet
But when I do, Clancy and David are taking percentages
That could pay the whole fucking city's mortgage
Hopefully, I make a lot of porridge from touring in fucking Oregon
From playing piano organs and hopefully, I can pay the bill
Shit is getting real, people begin to feel
Like I'm changing, but their complaining, making big fucking deals
About some shit, they bitch and pout — No, faggot, it's sold out!
"Come on, why you holding out? I thought we was boys
Without me, you wouldn't be Tyler, The Creator, I can tell whenever you perform, But I'm a fucking unicorn! — Look, you can't stop me, I'm going full Monty
Fuck that, I'm Hitler, everyone's a fucking Nazi
Wolf Gi-di-dang you be roaming where the fox be
And I be where, anybody cares
I try to preach "Fuck age, live dreams and have fun" — Oh, maybe I should have some
How can I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, when I don't even fucking have one?
("Shit, I don't know")
When I'm on that stage, I feel important
A whole fucking assortment of children that's taking Ritalin
Because the teacher said that the therapist wasn't feeling him
You gotta be fucking kidding me...
In school, I was a zero, now I'm every boy's hero and they fear it
You can hear it when that little fuck is reciting my lyrics, yeah, I'm rebel nigga
Cheer it, dead parents everywhere, it's smelling like teen spirit
Okay, fuck it, Elvis has left the building!
[Outro: Tyler The Creator,
Fuck, take this! (Hodgy) (I'm sorry) (I'm sorry)
I'm sorry, fuck... the fuck did I just do? Fuck! Ah shit! (Fuck, man) (Ah fuck)
(The fuck, man? The fuck?) (Ah fuck man, I'm fucked, I'm so fucked! Ah shit!)
I don't know why the f— I don't know what the fuck I was thinking, man, I don't f— (Ohh fuck dude M— Ahh)
I gotta hide the fuckin— I can't hide the fuckin' bodies You were supposed to fuckin' help me! (The fuck!) (Fuck! Agh!) *Crying*

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