Non-stop lyrics

Came back in with one
Then I came back out 2
With somes chains and am leaving with rest
"I do this nonstop once Im fired up
I fire off this shit like gunshot ,speaking
Loosely you might lose your teeth ,hey
Weh the bloodclath , marjuana only hoe
That ever keep my comfort ,got my momma praying
Ohh lord please save this young "VERSE 1
" Cause he out here and he traveling with wrong force
They took his brother ,hope these niggas know he lookin
For em ,I got this heater ,nozzle smoking waiting cooking
For em , I won't let it cool , mothеrfucker imma keep it warm
Spin yo block a sunny with thunder storm tell thе cops its okay ringing no alarms , keep it calm keyz on it and he go get it done , look away am goneeee skrttttt
Ain't no question he special one just ragga we the dapper yea the new profound best you tell yo fucking friends if they new in town tell em good motherfucker tell em now."

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