Man, I really love that feeling
Staring at the ceiling, on my bed, not a thought in my head Once the preacher told me:
You can save yourself by loving GodI love my self and save the worldWhen gone is the love that feeds you
And it seems there's no one left who needs you now
Now is the time to need yourselfFor it needles deep within you
That need will keep you heavy on the bed
Filled to the ceiling of your headThat's when I'm going down to Miami
Am I finally going to see the light?
Coming out of me into the night?Now that I've seen the gardеns
Through the window panes and ancient wood
I know it's too latе for turning backFor love is my only question
I've got her dewy skin under my skin
Oh, what a question is this loveTo feel the blood pumping
I'm standing on the ledge atop my roof
Knowing my soul is bulletproofAnd I don't take that for granted
Lost Atlantic dreams come back to me
Out of the window stands the sea

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