Don't Deal with the Devil lyrics

Can you remember what you lost?
A life of ease was not enough
So you took the other path
Despite that it could mean the end Everything I see at night is full of horror
Devils, demons and witches are out of control
They want me to sign
This contract of pure madness
And now it is time
The power will be mineDon't deal with the devil
You better resist
Don't deal with the devil
It's your soul, you riskOne day later, I cannot remember
All my mеmories were takеn away
I sealed with my blood
The covenant of evil
There is no way out
I decided on hell!Master! I call you!
What's your desire?
Please make me great to build up my empire
Power, respect and wealth is the way
So be it! On your day of death you will pay
You fool! You unleashed me
My reign of chaos will come
To subdue this world
And your soul will be mine foreverDon't deal with the devil
Too high is the price
Don't deal with the devil
Pure chaos will rise
Turbokill – Don\'t Deal with the Devil

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