14, 14, 14, woah (808 got them smokers)
Big 14, nigga, haha

With my motherfuckin' hittas (Woah)
I been getting money with my motherfuckin' niggas (Haha, yeah)
Make that shit double, baby, yeah, make that shit triple (Woah)
I been gettin money with my motherfuckin' niggas [Verse 1]
With my gang (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Wasn't love, it was fuckin' pain (Woah)
Diamonds dancing on me in the rain (Woah)
Makin' money since I went insane
Huh, yeah
I cannot muhfuckin' lie (No)
My bitch she ride or die
Yo bitch she ridin', why? (Ew)
She should just ride aside (Damn)
Come on along the ride (Yeah)
Come on along the ride (Yeah)
Come on along the ride
Huh, ayy[Chorus]
Ridin' 'round with my niggas (Woah)
Ridin 'round with my gang (Haha)
Huh, ridin' 'round with my niggas
Ridin' 'round with my gang
Draco hit 'em up nigga (Woah)
I don't really trust niggas (No)
Most niggas fuck niggas (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Pull up and bust niggas (Haha)
Pull up and bust niggas (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah we gon' bust niggas
Said we gon' bust niggas (Hold up, yeah, yeah, yeah)[Verse 2]
Yeah, they on me, on that chrome
Hit a nigga in his dome, feelin' like I'm home alone
Feelin' like I'm Post Malone, singin' to the pussy, ho
White Iverson ballin' (Yeah), gettin' money out they wallet

Gettin' money I ain't fallin', yeah why they fuckin talkin'
Hit you with the wunderwaffe and put your bitch on auction
That pussy got a fuckin' price, huh, in the kitchen whippin' white, huh
Yeah go and fuck your side ho, yeah I go fuckin' maestro
Trippie Redd, lil' Michael
Many rappers have my bible, duckin' dodgin' all the fake hoes[Outro]
Damn, ayy
Rollin' 'round with my niggas
Rollin' 'round with my gang (Woah)
Rollin' 'round with my niggas (Yeah, yeah)
Rollin' 'round with my gang

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