Remember, there's always tomorrow
P. Soul on the track [Chorus]
Ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah
Can you rap like me? Huh
Ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah[Verse]
I gotta get my fresh paper, boy optimistic, inflicted the premonition
My vision a place I visit while lifted
Moolah, I get it, get it, the life I live my decision
They told me to go and get it, I got it so now I'm winning (Remember)
Revolution of fury, the lean got my vision blurry
Balling' like Stephen Curry, gold fangs in my mouth so purty
Trippie bring demolition and I ain't talking no derbies
Absorb your flow like I'm Kirby, the lies you tell will not hurt me
Try to reach for the stars, yet people don't get too far
They want all of the money, all the expensive cars
It's few people that ever make it but yet I still gotta go hard
A lot of artists that made it are evil, hearts black as tar, yeah
Okay, and this is for every rapper that had a shot at sendin' me
Your efforts ain't getting you anywhere in this industry

Lyrically, demonically, dominate your flow endlessly
My venomous rhymes wine and dine on you mentally
Motivated the motivations, say I got too much chemistry
Fatality, like Liu Kang told me to finish 'eem
Even the Hulk couldn't take this much intensity
I'm the bullet in the barrel in the gun that shot Kennedy
Mind is racin' 'bout hating, contemplation with Haitians
Jamaicans sitting on 5G5 pacing, back and forth waiting in Dayton
You get the picture, don't take this
Boy, this life is real, you couldn't fake this (Remember)
Throw it up, regurgitation
Can't shit on me, you constipated
Is you mad 'cause we do this on a daily basis?
Yeah, or is you mad 'cause we made it?
Every day faded, we out here paper chasing[Chorus]
Bitch, ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah, ayy
Can you rap like me? Huh
Ah, ayy, ah, ayy, ah
Can you rap like me?[Outro]
Haha, lil' bitch, 1400 gang
You know what the fuck going on, 1400 boys, huh
Yeah, Canton, Ohio shit

Buh, lil' bitch, aha
Slatt, you know what the fuck goin' on
Hunter's a bitch
Bad Milo
Random thoughts to you, bitch
On a love letter to you, bitch

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