[Verse 1]
The ground separates
From the soles of my shoes
As I take to the air
Take one deep breath and then two [Verse 2]
The ropes that held me down
Have slowly come untied
Now I'm lost and I'm floating
High up in the night sky[Verse 3]
Black smoke rings fill the air
We're split in two
Something impossible
Is what I was trying to do[Verse 4]
The flawed are the people
That I truly love
I haven't felt this alive since I was ten years old
Looking down from above[Verse 5]
A thread is pulling me
Through the needles eye
I hear a city of curving melodies
As I float on by[Verse 6]
We live in memories
That used to be somebody's dream
Now I'm spinning in five directions
And I don't know what it means[Verse 7]
The waves sound like cellophane
The hidden sickness hides
I'm not even sure now
I know why but I don't know why[Verse 8]
The rules of gravity
No longer apply
As I drift off
Into a mint siren dream night sky

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