My eyes too low don't know where my bitch at
Universe gas to gone call a dispatch
Hands through my zipper hol' up bitch this ain't no fish catch
Me V.s. You of course I'm winning ain't no fucking match
Glancing at my chain if you think you finna up and snatch
Throw you deep in the cellar with the goons close and lock the latch
They think that I'm crazy I just get it from my damn dad
Money mindset see y'all niggas over there sad
I can't never be broke 'cause that shit really make me mad
Got some bricks
Clean fit
Bad bitch
On my dick
Hoes sick
They Got ticks
Get a job
Making bricks
Real quick
Goofy bitch
Bye bitch
And eat shii
Success on my mind grinding hard to get rich
Boss man, level man punch a nigga make him glitch
Never ratted on a nigga but I know some niggas snitch
Get a pick, comb yo shit, nappy fro, hairy bitch
Got your bitch, gagging dick make her hit a high pitch
Never miss when I aim bullets hit your ligament
Make you twitch, make a wish tell me who you gonna pick?
For I tell my partner up his blick and leave you stitch
Oh shit, I forgot got your milli on my wrist
Sell it for a fucking band watch me gon' make it quick
Then I up it on the buyer lay his body in the ditch
On the news, channel 6, seen his body rest in piss
I'm a evil ass nigga make me mad I'm finna diss
Purge day when it come got some niggas on my list
Punch they ass with my fist walk 'em dwn skulls split
If a nigga hit my mom hulk mode kill his shit
Upgraded on these hoes now they want me for a kiss
Back away for my girl slap your ass like will did chris
I can tell you a hunnid times I'm a legend when I speak
Sippin' sprite on the Eiffel Tower, yeah, the tallest peak
I Heard a couple things about a nerdy girly freak
They get down on the meat make me dance to the beat
Raise her legs up made her skeet make it rain like rapidly
Next morning now she limping in her walk a whole week
Once I reach a hunnid mil' got me feeling like I'm meek
Bet not catch you fucking lacking Mac 10 through the doorway
Double bck retaliation smoking OJ
Get the cocking, ain't no jamming, on this gun it's gonna spray spray
Jumping over gates from the cops like I'm DayDay
Phone ring ring hol' up beat that's my BaeBae
1K in a safe got some killers with some AK's
Base got me jumping 'cause my bars going crazy
Sittin' on my ass making gwop not lazy
My name get dragged through the mud I don't give a fuck
Seen you in person best behavior thought you was tuff
Capping ass boy delusional about killing stuff
Bullets touch him down like a quarterback, don't run bck
Ain't no coming back got him shaking like some tic-tac
Hush up little nigga want your life you better get back
Fist hit your chest hard to breathe asthma attack
Bend her over
Break her back
Like that
Make it crack
Kit Kat
Like a snack
That's fact
Not whack
Never lack
Black mask
With a mac
Opp pack
Money stack
Get racks
Been that Off a P-10 going crazy seeing 3D
Left hand Ginobili, spin move like I'm kobe
Tie your ass up where my paper that you owe me?
I know you very well but bitch you don't know me
Ain't no nigga on earth that stupid can approach me
How I know? I'm a real ass nigga, you a phony
Like you
Lil' dude
Shoot you
Die fool
This tool
End you
Wind blew
Got my crew
Kill you
Don't be yelling in my ear shut the fuck up it's a drill dude
I'm anti-social can't fuck with no fakes
I know from a point of view sight and a snake
You the leaf, I'm a rake
Like the wind go away
TrayB don't play
I'm the hunter, you the prey
Red dot to your face
Blue dot just incase
I come off da top like a genius I'm with it
I call up a heist GTA on a mission
Chop off his legs in the swamp they went missing
Fishers pull up his head they went fishing
Alert got a killer on the loose that they mention
Hoodie on his head they don't know why he did it
They don't know I'm that nigga with some Drill Intentions

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