Verse 1: Mama kept sayin be patient
Was two missed payments from being in vacants
Now i stay low out the way and go pay to go stay in a different location
I earned the shit myself so fuck it i burn it cause i’m blessed
Drip like a puddle
When i get the paper
Percent to my brother
As-salamu Alaykum
I done got amazing
Need more-cheese/slaughter the pussy like vor-hees
We want the revenue
Jay smoke a pack till it’s nothin but residue
Snake out my brother some shit i could never do
Watch out for 12 got a stake out on schedule
Play with my brotha get turnt to a vegetable
Sayin it’s runtz but we knowin it’s reginald
Niggas they gon hate so what?
No I can't stay sober
And I just hit it for the night
No you can't stay over
Niggas gon hate so what (so what)
Verse 2:Never been regular
Bitches been pressin my cellular
Niggas gone hate when u level up
Watch a thottie she prolly gone set you up
Watch ya brother get time it’s gone mess you up
Buddy say that it’s love but it never was
Been balling just like nick van exel was
These niggas is slimy and treacherous/I been hopeless a lot
Broken a lot/
So I focus a lot
Granny tell me bout hell
So I hope it’s a lie
Can’t be on no percs
Gotta open my eyes
I show her no thirst
She gone open her thighs
They hate but they ride the waveHook

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