Yo what's up, this is Shakespeare and you're listening to [?] Radio
For real [Verse]
Yeah, a real player, the bill payer
They all talk about how real they are
Thembisa has no MEC only an emcee
It's me, the real mayor
The greedy king slayer
[?] the key team player
Don't see failure
Yah, who's better than me?
I'm such a G
It's Gmail mang'u email'a
Your females are in my DMs
If I don't reply, I'm doing you a big favour
Back on your phone screens again
Back from a haitus, it's all me again
My haters are only my haters till it's time to ask for favours
A feature 'cause their songs are only missing my flavour
Actresses bring themselves to me on a plate
So if it's sea food then it's gotta be summer hate
And if they fishing for complements during the dinner dates
Best believe I never bite the bait
I don't bite the hand that feeds me either
If she says I did her right, please believe her
We go from CPT with me beneath her
Make her leave her nigga
Aww man, it's Touchline once again
Too ill, too real, you couldn't kill
U qabanga yin'?
Sise msakazweni
Mangi set iskim, I put my brothers in
I gotta win, I gotta stay at it
I wouldn't fall from the top if I did the crates challenge
Bringing damage if I hit the floor
You know I got so many flows that I make the rail panic
And knows who the main man is
Kill like I'm satanic
You gon' need more life cover like Drakes daddy
Posing for the more life cover
Smooth flow like butter
Fike late ematchini maar ucoach uyang' faka
How I got so good? You can't help but wonder
Touch don't make blunders
Ey, ngine iconfidence ye sdakwa
Ingathi sine amasuperpower
Big chains, baggy shirts, ngapha amabhlukhwe ayawa
Bathi amaAmerican wanna-be, amanigga lawa
Wen' uphuzi iBlack Label, I'm starting a Black label
Boy, we the new Kalawa Jazmee
You ask me who the greats, if that's me, tag me
The hip hop puzzle's last piece
Up until they rest in peace, I won't be at peace
Or at least, they gotta know
I make these streets believe
Get up then we pray 'cause these days we need
We're all certified lover boys
But Content, Lyrics, Bars; that's what CLB means to me
And I increase the speed, tempo
With every new release, the end goal
To make music heal that hits home
We're all depressed but we smile through it
And if it's fake, we see right through it
I end the text with "LOL" but I'm not joking
That's just so you don't see that I'm heart broken
Never done loving but I'm almost done hoping
But if there's something good coming
Then my arms open
Love letters in my Twitter DMs
My fans are the only ones that love me till the end
They done care whether I'm driving AMG or BM
Just as long as I'm riding for them
Big Zulu put me and Red Button on track 20
Pro way, the raps plenty
Turn it all till my heart's empty
On the other hand, I got the rap game in my other hand
Man, I can show what's leaking like a sonogram
What they mean with this [?]
Ang'bazi, they gotta bring their CVs with them
You go against me then the grieve is instant
You can't touch me if you not heat resistant
Sometimes I hot spot from [?], wang' thola?
Wanna be loved not liked
Like I love how you niggas get your love from likes
Like I love how influencers monetize their hype, for real
[?] for the whole game
Yanga Chief had the rap greats in one place
Back in my dark days, I could never picture ever being in that place
A mixture of God's grace and my overall work rate
I mean it, ngi qok'ioverall to work late
The nine to five way, don't hesitate
And put the game together with no selotape
And I never struggle to sell a tape
We gonna snatch the summer outta your hands
No hand shakes, no, we shaking all of your plans
[?] shake him if you can
We all know, you ain't caught me yet
You better hope the album don't drop this year
The most gifted, the most feared, the most sincere
And you know we make the streets function
Not T-junction but for you the road ends here
If not then the end's near
Ekse, girl, why you faking if you don't have it?
More red flag and all traffic
I like them real, call me old fashioned
My image of you has it's own caption

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