Benevolent lyrics

Part 1 [Intro]
Hey, you're watching One Umbrella TV
Lil fuckers, fuckers tryna fuck with me earlier
Pull up, pull up
Oh fuck
Yo come here cuzzy, wah gwaan?
Look, first off he was tellin' pussy niggas, story up
I was trappin' out in Brampton, whole high school year, courted up
Man, H-Town in the Bando's all boarded up, still know it's us
Had a Benz coupe at 17, now it's Rolls Royce when I'm rollin' up
I hit the beach for a brief day, South Beach on a leaf case
Cash all in it and a nigga bring that shit to each state
Talkin' Miami to the peach state, ah
Diddy to them bitches, sent them out for the cheesecake, ah
In a mission when I sent them niggas on a death wish for a piece day
Got a Rollie, Audemars Piguet, nigga, pete sakes
Now it's Richard Milles on the wrist, that's 'round half-a-mill for a clean face, ah

Brick walls in a log house 'cause they put a nigga in a dog house
Some soul with it, I be still in it, if I logged out, man
Last night brought twin bitches to the twin tellies off of twin celly
Had him lookin' like straight Meek Nelly in the strip deli
I still feel I seen it all, so shit niggas tell me ain't shit to tell me
I be in it for a long time, niggas still pass, homie, ain't shit could feel me, ah
Uh, Pablo, my chick Tata, nice breasts with the high thighs
Like KFC, only thing missin' was the hot fries
And the cold Coke
, mink warm but it's the cold coat
Brown skin on a black woman, only time I'm fuckin' with the cocos
Lil mama get stupider, say she want all of me, that's a kowal to me, what I'ma do with her?
My baby ma's so fuckin' lit, man, I wish there was two of her
I just put it in a new BMW 'cause the Lamborghini that I just copped not for the two of us
Don't get it twisted, if she come on tour then I gotta cop lil' ma a tour bus
Back and forth on the road so much, I don't get to go home much
Ah, ah, lot of shit glowed up, wrist lit, shit froze up
And we just gettin' to the, ahPart 2[Intro]
So incredible, baby
This that type shit you just, you drop the wig on the donk
Look in the skies, say, "God's great"
Fell asleep in first class and woke in Dubai
Club whites, sparklers, lookin' like Fourth of July
Instagram story clickin', tryna save the moment
Sexy woman sell the pussy but we ain't condone it
I woke up in the hospital at 2PM
Abu Dhabi club party, try do me in
Paramedic talkin', tell me in the ambulance
I could barely hear this nigga, just the ambiance

Plain face Richard Mille on my wrist
Last year I didn't even know that shit exists
Ed Sheeran, put me on every watch, then I roll around
4 years ago, we were talkin' Pateks, it's over now
Shout out my nigga Ed, deserve the greatest due
Look at the Rollie like I'm in love with the shape of you

Brown face Presidential, Obama
Top floor of the Trump, like I got no honour
I never said it though I kinda said it
I'm cruisin' through New York in a 911
Used to fuck Julie 'round 9:11
Fly nigga in the buildin' like 9/11

35 up at Gucci, nigga, Charlamagne say you stupid, nigga
Say I look a L, I never miss a win, big bank, next day, did that shit again

Uh, screamin', "God's great", made another mill, sayin', "God's grace"
The dawn lookin' like a drop Wraith
Copped the car cash, nigga, for the cop face
Uh, legit, baby, we always wanted to be it, baby
Shit, well this is it, baby, uh, Fargo, this is it, baby

Tory Lanez – Benevolent

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