[Verse 1]
So you want to be a gangster, all that shit
Smoke any motherfucker, don't even trip
You be hard as hell, take whatever you want
Punk suckers wanna front, they get done
'Cause you a gangster—nothin' more, nothin' less
Put my boy to the test and catch one in your chest
Since he was young, homeboy won't back down
'Cause real gangsters always hold that frown
Until you lose control, then you sell your soul
To the devil, motherfucker, 'cause you're way too cold
And all the people hide and just run inside
'Cause you keep usin' yo' gat, committin' homicide
Boy, I tell ya, life is way too short
Another brother just got smoked
And you killed him—ain't that a bitch?
'Cause it really ain't shit [Hook]
(Gangsta, gangsta)
Shoot 'em up! (gangsters)
That ain't cool (gangsters)
Ain't that a bitch? (gangsters)
Shoot 'em up (gangsters)
That ain't cool (gangsters)[Verse 2]
Let me tell you somethin', youngster, you got it all wrong
Gangsters don't live that long
I had gangster partners get they heads tore off
For some of that gangster shit, caught in the cross
You want stripes, take yo' ass to the service
'Cause when it's on, ain't no time to get nervous
Pull the trigger—yeah, you did it
You's a gangster and I got to admit it
But you's a youngbuck, you ain't learned yet
Killin' don't make you a vet
Get out the fast line, stick with the homeboys
Ready-made gangster get gone, boy
'Cause where I'm from it's the same ol' shit
You call them shots when you're down with the click
Niggas dyin' everyday, but that's a black thang
You either sell dope or you gangbang
But you got the biggest heart in the click, man
You did a murder, and now you're a hitman
All your homies tryin' to tell you, that ain't cool
Playin' shoot 'em up like a fuckin fool
But you's a gangster, one they can't destroy
Don't even give a fuck about your boys
You go for self, you wanna be on top?
Fucked around and now your brother's shot[Hook]
Shoot 'em up! (gangsters)
That ain't cool (gangsters)
Ain't that a bitch? (gangsters)
Shoot 'em up (gangsters)
That ain't cool (gangsters)

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