Tommy Wright the 3rd up in this bitch
Straight out of four corners pimping-vile
You know what I'm sayin'
Finna have a roll call
Of all the Memphis rappers
So if you hear, raise your hand [Verse 1]
S&K, Raider J
DJ BK and Juicy J
Two-eleven, Skinny Pimp
Those Hurts Village niggas with a limp
FM and MJG
MC Legend, Little C
Mac 10, Rated R
Homicide and L Dog
Gangster Pat and D Mat
8-Ball, breaking they back
Dj Squeak and Slice T
Lady B and AMG
Backyard Posse, Killa B
DJ Punish, DLE
Dj Zirk, MC Hit
Hyde park gangsters runnin' shit
R-A-N, Dj Paul
Four corners in the bitch for y'all
Dirty Red and Kilo G
Project Pat and Gangster Black
Scarface, I know where it's at
Endo, Lil' Blunt, NFB
Queen Taunice and Peaches G
Lord Infamous, Lil Nympho
Lil Buck, T-Dog and Loco
Project Players, Tubski
(?) and Lil E
Inside G and Half Dead
Dj Sound and (?)
Dj Livewire and Sir Swift
MC Wicked and Tip Toe bitch
Lyrical Dope and Spanish Fly
Ejiquan and Young LoHi
X-Rated Al and Tommy, ho
Pimping these bitches for the nine fo'[Bridge]
Yeah, ride to this shit nigga
Yeah, ride to this shit nigga
[Verse 2]
What's up to Cocaine Wayne?
Brothers keeper, Mr. K
Low Down and the plum fools
R-E-N and Lil AK
Nino and the L-M-G
Busy B and Iroc C
Too Cold, Lil Sko
High (?) and Maestro
The king pin, shooting rounds
With the under ground sound
Shout out to that brother Low Down
Slim One is down to clown
Lay Low and Jay Jones
You know them fools don't walk alone
MJ from Ally
And Lil Glock from Honey Comb
Maniac I got yo back
Stranger down with my click
Mc Killer, Czar the Star
Lil Ramsey with the Triple Six
I ain't forgot you Auntie W
Lil Gin and MC Raw
Special shout to Captain C
I'll get back I'm outie G
Outie G (x6)[Outro]
Yeah, let it ride
I wanna say what's up to all the Memphis rappers out there you know what I'm sayin'
If I didn't get you on this one I'll get you on the next one
Roll call in this mothafucka
Send a special shout out to everyone in Four Corners
You know what I'm sayin'
My nigga T-Q, Keith Dunn, Grey
My nigga Lee, Trey, Rickey, Andre, Mario, Lil Blue, Marcus, Jihad in this bitch, Haha
My nigga Rodney, Elliot
My nigga Cleet Brown
Eric, Rest in Peace my nigga
Robert Earl, Rest in Piece

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