Aw yeah, straight up outta Four Corners Pimpinville
Tommy Wright the third up in this bitch
They got me fucked on some hoe shit
Check it out [Verse 1]
9 on my waistline, assed out, needed some dope
5 for that fifty try to flip it double it like a pro
Made a 100 dollars spend 30 on quarter ounce
Made 60 dollars cuz all my 60's assed out
Took 50 dollars from the 70 that I didn't spend
Bought a half ounce, 11 sacks, made 110
20 dollars plus 110 plus 60 made 190
Bought- 10 for the Ville fronted 5 to my nigga Tiny
Took the left over 90
Bought a ounce of indo
Tiny brought me back 45
Said he got chased but he lied
Smoked his ass, choked his ass, broke his ass
Now he's gone
Took that 45 he brought me bought myself a smaller tone
Had 200 from the ounce plus the 5 rocks left over
From the ten I had at first I gave him when he smoked my bowlers
Spend 2 dollars at store bought energizers for my beeper
Don't quit on me now my nigga
Rest my nerves by smokin' reefer
Later on that day kept serving' in my hooptie ride
Bought a pound of weed for 350 put that to the side
Made a side deal wit Jack Owens Said he wanted a cut
For keeping' them folks up on my ass
But 50 percent was just too much
Sold my hooptie for 500 pound was sold in a deuce
12-50 strong and all so I spent it on the juice
Wouldn't give Jack Owens the cut so he tried to kill me
So I put a contract out on his ass so he killed him self G
Pigs already knew the game
Sure Jack Owens there was caught
Then I went through his shit found my name
Find out what he had bought
Went to his house to find two kilos I had hid
Folks jumped out from everywhere
Damn the blue boys caught me slippin'
I caught you slippin', my nigga, I caught you slippin'[Verse 2]
Nine on my waistline got his ass on the scope
Lincoln Continental I don't know if it's a rental
But I seen him coming from the bank getting cheese from the teller
When I see some money I just go crazy like helter skelter
Followed his ass waited for this punk to make the wrong move
Every turn he made, I made, constantly stalking playing it cool
Nigga had a cop on I saw the antenna on the back
Legs shaking cuz I'm scared, nervous with my hand on the gat
Tired of this fucking chase I want the money my nigga do, too
Eye to eye contact, he seen me through his rearview
He know I'm on his ass fuck it grab the gun turn out the light (Ay there what you lookin at, get his ass mane)
His wife is looking back at me, them white folks made another right
Pulled up on a parking lot I knew something was different (What the fuck is this)
I followed him to a precinct damn them white folks caught me slippin' (aw shit the folks)[Hook]x14
I caught you slippin', my nigga, I caught you slippin'

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