No Heart Flow lyrics

Get Twisted Sundays
Uh, no heart [Verse]
Young Tobe why you rappin' so hard? I don't know
I hop on tracks like Geronimo
My flow sicker than the common cold
Gladiator with the bars, killin' all the competition like I'm Maximo
Hop on any beat they ask me for
Eat the beat up then it's catchy folk
Dusky night in Igbo
I'm the Deebo form of Edgar Allen Poe
I know what the hood is wildin' for
That's why all my bars are casserole
To the homies in a cage, tryin' to catch a wave
Puffin' on that cabbage smoke
They go nuts, they go pistachio
They just really need a chaperone
And I'm the leader, can't you see the flow is Aquafina?
I just keep their glasses full
Got 'em takin' sips of water
Lowkey feelin' like a martyr
No wrestling or the king of the ring, feel like Jerry Lawler
Used to flip the dub in his impala
Singing "Wanna Be A Baller"
Young, black, and I'm a scholar
Skin the same color copper
PSA, you look dirty
If your white tee got brown around the collar
Wipe your neck off, brodie
But don't ever be ashamed
'Cause I swear I was the same
When I wasn't able to contemplate the game
Then I got word from a birdie
Came down with a holy kiss
Told me all my sauce was erroneous
That my flow wasn't the holiest
That was 2011
A speck in your eye change the spectrum
Hell, 'round 'bout the age of seven
I felt like all my dogs would go to Heaven (Roof)
Bark loud if you with me
Black, proud, and I'm gifted
Tryin' to pack crowds 'til I'm sixty
Make rap a cash cow and get milky
Look, on the low, I was told
Beware of dairy like I was lactose
Then I turned 25 and realized
It was only by those that lacked toast
Boy, I'm talkin' bread
You need that there to get ahead
Not just good intentions
Good intentions ain't gon' put no roof over your head
So get your paper, shake the feds
Read your books, stay ahead
Cut through the bull like a bayonet
And pray like Judaea for the days ahead[Outro]
Oou, oou
Yeah, yeah
Oou, oou
I'm gone, ow

Tobe Nwigwe – No Heart Flow

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