Get Twisted Sundays
We at it again
R.I.P. B.I.G [Verse]
Look, it was all reality
My man really had no salary, clothes raggedy
Chili bowl on my head was a tragedy
No one laughed at me 'cause whether they were student or faculty
When they came to cabernet, referred to me as your mastery
Lowkey, a coping mechanism, I sold dope 'cause I was broke
And hopin' to divert some attention from the fact that we was five kids
Livin' in one room, ain't hit me 'til we played hide and seek
Nowhere to run to but the closet, deserve applauses for makin' it out of the slum
Gotta be flawless or ill and cautious to make it without a gun
Hear ye, hear me, loud and clearly
Ain't no Bambis on my block, they get turned to deer meat
Ugh, rap cats fear me, Yahweh steer me
Biggie must be near me, how these beats be dearly
The party, don't start it if you can't finish hard
My partners retarded, was jackin' foreign cars
But we was just in high school though
Would marv safely on the daily was advice to those
Guys who told me they can't live life too slow
And then I teach them how you came, how you flow
I'ma grind 'til my momma out here droptop coupe'in
Thot thots choosin', block hot, crock pot brewin'
Touch Fat, I cock back and have your top su-woopin'
Blood, it's all peace, little buddy
Murder tracks and interludes, word to ['Rique and McCuddy?]
Used to wanna make the trunk stutter like Bubba Ray Dudley
Get my highly effective habits straight from [?]
They got me readin' on the low, disagree with me and bro
Ultralight beamin', lowkey feel like a beacon when I flow
I remember bein' po', we were sleepin' head to toe
Jackin' oatmeal cookies and Star Crunches from Stop & Go
Kenneth Cole, guest jeans, penny loafs
Every day I was digestin' plenty those
It was cold, who'd ever thought that I'd heat up
Put instrumentals on my plate, then break 'em down, then eat 'em up?
Not me, before this I played ball, you can Google me
If I met you in the hall, it was a eulegy
Swear to God it amuses me how I went from broads chewin' me
To tryin' to groove with me because I musically
Transition, now I am at a higher level
Call me in the rainin' season, it's some dry weather
Chose Fat 'cause I knew I couldn't acquire better
Me and Fat Notebook status, we tryna die together
Don't smoke, but if I did, we'd get high together
Or do like the OJs, probably cry together
I ain't gon' lie, though we abstinent to the highest level
But soon as the ceremony over, I'm eatin' pie for dinner
I'm gone

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