Yeah, I ain't gon' lie. I ran into Deuce Deuce at the barbershop. And he told me to make sure that this was on the mixtape. Get twisted. Look [Verse]
Five out of ten of my partners live, by the ghetto mantra, F you, pay me
Move heavy weight and get to smackin' people like that boy E. Honda if it get brazy
Look, I got the juice, that's how He made me
Yellas see me, they start goin' crazy
Sak pase to my Haitians facin' all the devastation, got to pray for Haiti
Look, you barely hear about it on the news, I just caught the story on the 'gram
Bodies on bodies in Haiti, but I see more stories 'bout Kim and 'Ye runnin' scams

Look, me myself, I need a hundred bands times ten, that would get me straight
Fake rappers that be covered in straps, I still see your cookie like lingerie
Look, Curriculum EP is on the way, shoutout to Roosevelt from SA
When I spit, the Holy Spirit permeates
Swear my flow is straight up out the pearly gates
Look, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold up
Let me get it straight one more time for you
Look at the game, it's a dinner plate, full of fakes, I'm just 'bout to dine for you, ouu
Give me a napkin, swear the flow is cold as Aspen
Every bar is throwed like a javelin, Fat be prayin' like a chaplain, ouu
Tryin' to reassure me that Jehovah jarred, keepin' Xander's favor in the mix
Word to Nelly, swear I was a lunatic before I started clutchin' my own crucifix
Flow electric like computer chips
Used to kill on Madden with them user picks
Then I changed, stopped playin' games, started peepin' thangs like a revolutionist
Pipeline to prison do exist, same slave trade, newer ships
All these rappers with they mind in shackles, need to tie a noose around they loosened lips
Pipe down, this a God flow, every bar drippin' with the Holy Ghost
Where I'm from, you get beheaded if you breaded, probably why my partnas pack the toast
Talkin' mula and pistols, eat the beat down to the gristle
If the only reason why you rap is for the artifacts, your flow is artificial, ouu
Look, life is a beach, just be weary of the quicksand
And when you're movin' and pursuin' what you're doin' don't forget to use a kickstand
Take a break, take a step back, realize, hey, we all human
If I don't trust you and you run up on me, better have a vest, word to Metro Boomin[Outro]
I'm gone

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