Somebody pray for me
That's what he said in the song
Get Twisted [Verse]
Rap is sufferin', it's the Great Depression, word to Herbert Hoover
That's why every track I'm on I set it off like I work for Luther
I got the soul to [?] roll with shooters, boss, and the flow [?]
I ain't gon' lie, I try to keep my whole medula underwater like I roll with scuba divers
One time for the baby rappers real quick, y'all need diapers
When it comes to the BS and the pseudo gangstas I be feelin' like I'm MacGyver
That means I dodge the bull like a matador
I'm from the west, I throw it up like Pastor [?]
I'm feelin' blessed, I'm 'bout to marry a Capricorn, ouu
She so influential, aye, my flow influenza, aye
[?] but in a minute I be in a temple, aye
Pray, pray, pray, then you gotta start livin'
Be weary of the snakes hissin', both super fiction on the road to predition
I don't know if they know this about evil
Aye, boy, I'm right back at it, aye
Flow sharp as a hatchet, aye
Peed in the [?] flipped the mattress, I grew up on Seventh J
I grew up around some acrobats to make a package flip
Where I lived there was a couple Bloods and a pack of Crips
If you was actin' up then they would pack a clip
Get to stackin' up and make your back all flip
My momma racked us up then she had us dipped
She pulled us straight outta dirt like some radishes
Ouu, thank you, momma, I made it to thirty
No white on my collar, but most scholars be thinkin' that I'm part of the clergy
Why? Because the flow holy, and the glow souly
It depends on whether or not I can, God, purpose to all mankind like I'm wrestlin' with Mick Foley
I am who I say I am, I believe what I say I believe
If you say one thing then you switch it up, you a H.O.E.N.D
I'm just tryna be real with ya, don't nobody wanna deal with ya
'Cause you never paint a real picture
My dawg West Trill he can tell you how it feel when the steel hit ya
He would really act up
So would J Double, J Slim did eight an a half
Dog Face got eleven, but he been sittin' six
Gotta Venmo P just to get him some cash
Ain't nothin' comical 'bout that, these rappers [?] how they gas
You up to make you feel like they might lowkey kinda do what they rap
It ain't true, don't be disgruntled
Stay true, do your best to me humble
And if you say that you a rapper, my God
All I ask is don't mumble, speak loud
I said don't mumble, speak loud
Whatever you sayin', dawg, don't mumble, speak loud
I said don't mumble, speak loud
Oh yeah

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