[Verse 1]
There she was
Standing in a pose that every man loves
Beautiful woman
Oh, I didn't get to love
'Cause I had too much to drink and a headache to fight
Now I'm a [?] man
And I can't wait to taste what she's cooking for me [Verse 2]
Lustful love
Yes, an appetite, indeed
Oh, I'm tastin' love
Oh, can you cook some love for me?
Yes, I'm a hungry, very hungry man, baby
Can't wait to taste your recipe[Chorus]
'Cause I got big legs
Scrambled eggs
In my kitchen
Didn't I mention
She's got big legs
Scrambled eggs
She's got me waiting
For the bacon
Waitin', waitin', baby
You can serve those bacon legs to me
Ooo wee, girl[Verse 3]
Last night, you came home with me without fight
You said you knew just what a man liked
Don't want no coffee, don't need no tea
Just your big legs, what I need[Outro]
Big leg woman
Oh, come on, let's make some sweet love
(Big leg woman knew what you want)
Why don't you just give it to me?
I'm waiting patiently (Waiting, waiting, baby)
Big leg woman, serve those legs to me
Big leg woman

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