Bitch With a Perm (Rottweiler Mix)

Tim Dog



Artist: Tim Dog
Album: Bitch With a Perm
Song: Bitch With a Perm (Rottweiler Mix) Yeah...Aah shit...
It's about time we set it off again, bitchWith so many bitches in the industry
I'm being sweated by this bitch and her name is Snoopy

But huh, somehow, someway
She keep suckin Smooth B and Slick Rick dick every single day

Can...I...fuck you for a while know you like my doggy style
I'm tryin a figure something out
Why you live with yo mama while my pad is free ?
You can come to my crib and lick my nuts
Suck on my dick 'till I bust a nut
Huh, so watcha gonna do ?
Bitch you ain't got what Dr.Dre boy you can't do shit
So close the doors and turn off the light
Coz you'll be suckin my dick all night
And you can drink a cup of piss
Tim Dog is on tha set, muthafukka, bounce to this[Hook:]
Bitch with a perm! Bitch with a perm!
I don't give a fuck about a bitch with a perm!
(4x)I'm sittin in my crib watchin MTV
When this skinny muthafukka on the telly try to diss me
He try to flex on the D-O-G
But if I gave the bitch binoculars he still couldn't see me
So shake yo muthafukkin rattle
And leave yo fuckin 9 at home and bring yo skills to the battle
Like Jeru, I'm gonna damage you
And I'm starvin for success and yo ass is a muthafukkin sandwich
It's a pity fake niggas gotta show off
I'll bust yo skinny ass with a sawed off
I heard yo mother was a dope fan [word]
I heard yo father was a dick fan [word]
And when yo ass was locked up in the county jail
I heard you pressed up Lee jeans [sssshht]
So step back from the lyrical maniac rippin yo track
And that's a fact, I can never be wack
And if you wanna know who can fuck around
Dog is tha man who can buck you down![Hook] Yeah, it's like that
Check it outI'm the original hardcore lyric ballbreaker
When it comes to wack MC's no I'm not a funk faker
I just smash, crash on that ass and put that ass in the trash
Like it's nothin yeah you learned in class
I'm a real MC and I'm on my own
And if nobody got my back, I can hold my own
If I die then I die, if I live then I live
As long as hiphop's alive, I got something I can give
I don't care if you don't think I can win
And I don't care if you don't wanna be my friend
And if the pound get mad and they wanna step in
Come on y'all, step right in...bitch[Hook] It's like that (4x)
It's like that
YeahYeah nigga, that's how it's going down
You dis me, I'm a dis you
But we ain't gonna waste each other's time
Let's battle you bitch
I'll end yo fuckin career
Ya stole ya style from Slick Rick
You sound like Smooth B
Nigga you ain't got shit on me
And you tryin to fuck with the Dog ?
Nigga I'm kickin yo ass like an animal
Let's do this nigga
Nigga, nigga with long hair
Nigga you's a bitch with a perm
Nigga that's what you is
So don't ever try to front on me nigga
Step off of all that bullshit
And I'm outta here
...BITCH !

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