All we do is go Ape Shit, Ain't no time for no Fake Shit
Never cried for the spot, always tried my Hard never cried for no Playlist
Reptilian Shape shift, Never Fazed never Faded
All you motherfuckers Pussy I can tell by your Cadence you Basic
Oh God, i don't know Why I Execute cuz my Tongue so Shy
I Spit shit like my Lungs on Fire
You NitWits gon Fund your Lies
You don't want it with me, My Shit is dope ask Whitney
Need something to Uplift Me, But Bitch Please, I am Britney
I drink like I'm one of the Gallaghers, Pour some Guinness on these Guinea Pigs
Already know bout my Manager, fuck with me you are an Idiot
You only here for Cameras, Just Smile and fuck off to your den again
The throne is mine to take and the Crowns so just Give me It I've seen Rappers Start
I've Seen Rappers Flip
I've Seen Rappers Fall
For this Rapper Shit
I've Seen Rappers trip
I've seen Rappers Quit
I've seen Rappers get Curled up, then Cry like a Bitch..I'm reason and the Plan you better fucking believe in the Man
Cuz your bitch wanna Leave with the Klan and these are the Dreams of the Damned, plus I want the Meat and the Ham, For the Squad and the Team and the Fam, my Camp will light your Camp on Fire with Camphor then sit around and Sing songs like
Better Hide your Kittens, just Smile and Listen, We good
So like a Brain Surgeon better fuckin Mind your Business
Ain't no Kind of Rhythm that I can't Spit on
Go Powder your nose I know it Might be Itchin
Better not Dare Me, None of y'all Scare Me
Living life Carefree, Money for the Family
Can't Compare Me, On my Level Barely
So Sincerely, Jamming the Pearls we so Jeremy
So Hysterically, I am the Heir you can't Air Me
We turn heads cuz the whole team move Units like a truck full of Hair Piece...
La llorona, La lloronaWon't you cry for the Kid
La llorona, La Llorona
Won't you Die for the KidLa llorona
No vas a llorar por el niño
La llorona
No vas a morir por el niño..

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