Lying awake for hours
I decide
It's not how I want to die
Blush of relief
I'm a coward
But something still has to say goodbye The boy with a thorn in his brain
Said I'm still not sure what I found
The boy was named
The thorn was named
The boy pulled the thorn from his brain
Said it's time for me to come out
The thorn was named
She left his namePieces of myself
Keep getting stolen
It's now time to reclaim
You accept me for the person who
Needs to change that I am
We'll start with the frameWhat is the right way to do evеrything
To you, girl
Still building worlds made out of other's
Wishing your own was parallel
And what's thе wrong way to not do a thing
Every night
This time tomorrow, you'll show 'round the house
Your long black dress and white lapelSome are borne in air
Listen for the rain
Rain that isn't there

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