I'm at this kickback right?
And it's cloudy in this bitch
Up in PJs like they rich
Kinda staring at my wrist cause people make me Anxious
But I guess you can't make friends
If you do not risk your patience
So let's talk bout drinking
I met this girl named Nicole
She came by cause I'm stinking
She a long way from home
I asked her where she from
She said she go hit me back
But let's get lit some more
And stare right in our phones
She said who needs friends
When you got social media
Deleted mine
Then she called me an idiot
I asked why
She combusted her cigarette
She started bumping some Earl
Ran her fingers through them curls
She said "Check out Vince Staples too
OF in general"
Bumpin some oldie
Endless frank ocean
Its a responsibility
She said staring right at me
I got papers and blunts too
So what do u want to do? She wanna blow some steam
We talking about our minds
But I'm still thinking in-between
Them thighs
My eyes
Is super fine but she asking if they closed
Its the kush hen combo and the light coming from my phone but
Nevermind all that
She greek and mixed black
And I ask her back
Oh yeah where you live at?
She said that she rolls fat and good
She reach un-der her hood
And she pulled out a sack
Then she asked me if I matched. Whatsgood
I pulled out some tips
And she pulled out some cones
A Few minutes in
Now we look zoned
Oh yeah
It's a party in here
Let me get u beer
She whisper in ear
Like she don't have no fear
She say she only take shots of goose
Ciroc or some whiskey boo
So you must be under drinking age
We don't drink hard liquor these days
But I got me some hen
Like 5 mo shots in
Like the way that Pac end
She say she from Wisconsin..

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