[Verse 1: Aiden Wall, Sean Kane, Tyler DeMaise]
Bitch so fat, (Yuh) Slug! (Slug!)
Full of air Dig Dug! (Dig Dug!)
Fat ugly face (Uh-huh) Big pug! (Big pug!)
But I still let her blow (Ayy, ayy) Big jug! (Big jug!) [Verse 2: Tyler DeMaise, Aiden Wall, Sean Kane]
Fit so fine like my friend Doug (My friend Doug)
Imma smash tonight like caveman Grug (Caveman Grug) (Guh!)
Finish first, (Yuh!) she gimme hug
I can’t curse, (Ayy, ayy) so I say fugg (Ayy, ayy)[Verse 3: Sean Kane, Aiden Wall, Tyler DeMaise]
Nut on the white rug (Nut!)
Not a sandwich but I’ma sub (Hummus sub)
She pounce on me from above (From above) (Ayy)
Then she ride me like a train, (Uh) chug-chug (Uh) (Choo-choo!)[Verse 4: Tyler DeMaise, Aiden Wall, Sean Kane]
Bitch addictive, (Yuh) drug! (Drug) (Drug!)
Swim so hard, (Ayy) hot tub! (Hot tub!) (Hot tub!)
Fancy sandwich, (Brrrr!) club! (Club!) (Club!)
Ass kinda weird-shaped, plum (Plum!) (Plum!)[Verse 5: Aiden Wall, Sean Kane, Tyler DeMaise]
Belly really hurt so I, take some Tums (Tums) (Tums)
Ears kinda gunky, clean out the skug (Clean out the skug) (Clean out the skug) (Ugh)
Put the Q-Tip in, then give a tug (Ugh)
Pull the shit out like a bathtub plug (Bathtub plug)[Verse 6: Sean Kane, Aiden Wall]
Face all deformed, but I say it’s cuz I’m smug (Juh) (Yuh)
Conscience on my shoulder, (Ayy) Biddle-B-Bug
Tells me to go, buy another nug (Ruh)[Outro]
With love
Aiden, Sean, and Tyler

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