Struggles Of Having A Huge Dick And Being Number 1 In Africa




[Verse: THEMAN87]
I hate being THEMAN87
I hate the bread that I'm getting since I was 11

I wish that Richter never existed so I couldn't be carried by matchup inexperience
Shit's so mysterious
Having a big dick ain't cool either
It's annoying whenever it gets in the way of your hobbies
I know that didn't rhyme, I think that I'm running out of words
The motivation is gone, I'm using adjectives as verbs

And I verbally abused everyone in my fucking scene
I made evеryone uncomfortable becausе of my genes

I don't even think I look cool in jeans
What's the point man? What does this mean?
I'm sick of being number 1, I want number 2
Africa doesn't mean shit to a bunch of dudes

They just want me to fail because I'm at the top
I don't blame them, my confidence is shooting down a lot

This is so sad, this shit's so depressive
But it's just so addicting, but it just makes me mess with
All of my feelings, I can't even be truthful with people for one day

This is so fucking dumb, my face is going numb
As I'm rapping this, the painful thoughts haven't gone away
I should have been locked in JAIL, I can't believe all it took was for me to make an album
To realize how much pain that I caused, fuck
I'm sorry VoiD, I'm sorry Ally, I'm so sorry for the disses
I think I'm moving on now, I know things will be different
Mr. R was always better, VoiD didn't take shit
The clout was always his, I was just riding his dick

I need to find myself, the pain is getting worse
I don't know if I have it in me to finish this verse

So for now I think it's time to stop being a legend
This was the legacy of THEMAN87
Thanks for listening
[Interlude: THEMAN87]
(Phone call)
What's this?
VoiD just called me a garbage human again?
Oh fuck that, fuck all of that, put all of this shit in reverse
(Verse plays in reverse sped up)

We're finishing this shit now
The second VoiD track is on the horizon
But first, take it away SICKO MODE!
(SICKO MODE sped up to 35 seconds)

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