Earth And Consequence lyrics

[Verse 1]
Well I got your hollow leg, Duvall
But I guess I waited too long to call
Now the eyes of Death
Have come to gaze upon your hand An orphan of spite
Well I guess I waited too long to write
Now the force of Death
Has come to walk your land[Chorus]
And how 'bout that ghostly sage
That looks like he hasn't aged
Lean in to see the scars still in his scalpAnd remember that shirt you wore
And the back where it was torn
The time you tried to tear your feathers out[Verse 2]
And how long has it been
Well I guess around a liter of gin
And how cold was the ice
Come to wash it downAnd how ringed was that smoke
That rose when you spoke
Spilled from the ash
That hadn't yet burned out[Chorus]
But remember that bull you pulled
Shot through the throat
The boy who now stands before your graveWell he's still got that voice
That made such a noise
And brought you down to Earth and Consequence(Brought you down to Earth and Consequence)
(Brought you down to Earth and Consequence)[Verse 3]
And please tell me how we know
When it's time to go
And how will you know
When it's time to waitHow'd you get that evil grin
Spin right over again
And laugh into the face
Of old Death's doorway[Chorus]
But how 'bout we run to the field
Where the flagstones they all yield
The force to turn a whole damn river SouthThere is no winding road
That dips high and low
And leads you back to Earth and Consequence(Leads you back to Earth and Consequence)
(Leads you back to Earth and Consequence)

The Pica Beats – Earth And Consequence

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