(Verse 1)
Suppress a revolution under the guise of protection
Whats next, whats next Paint us as the villain just to deflect
Whats next, whats nextThey value property over life and expect our sympathy
Whats next, whats nextEquate an insurrection to a revolt against oppression
Whats next, whats next(Bridge)
Brand new facade (chanted repeatedly)Closing caskets isn't in the job description
Don't overlook the brutality of our supposed protectors
Don't forget the lives they've destroyed for nothing
Don't overlook the brainwashing tactics of our supposed public servants(Verse 2)A brand new leader with the facade of progression
Whats next, whats nextTalk about a worker's party just to get some rest
Whats next. whats nextA gross misruling from the people that are sworn to represent
Whats next, whats nextA faux-progressive agenda is the only hope in sight
Whats left, whats leftNothing

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