Biznagas lyrics

Back through the ages we have seen it said
That it must be recognized
The plight of our brothers and our sisters when
We can all make their spirits rise
So tell me where you stand when they come for you
When there's no one else left to fight
I've seen the war when the blood ran thick
And the ashes painted the sky Running out of time living in the light
I could barely make it out alive
Torn by thе thorns and the summer sun
Sought by shadows in the coming night
Wild likе a wolf they descend unseen
In their minds they have all the right
To destroy what they thought they might recieve
By opening their bloodshot eyesOut of every nation and into the world
I was thrown before I was born
Cut from the chains that held me back
From accepting all I might learn
But still I see no answers where the answers should lie
I can't recognize the signs
The mind might find some meaning here but
The body still must dieTorn and partitioned by a long decree
You've become somebody apart
Out of a word and into the fire
That ignites the hate in your heart
Thousands of faces peering through the glass
Withered envy read in their smiles
Flesh colored corpses feeding on the sounds
Of the children across the wireHow many times have I heard it said
That my sorrow is sacred and pure
And all this misery will help
Me cross that holy door
But too many years of meaningless fear
Has turned these things to ash
And all they do is bury me
In an unrepentant past

The Myrrors – Biznagas

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