Can't keep running away [Verse 1]
Feeling cornered before dealing in the black trackie
Carrying the torch, moving forward, we ain't back tracking
Trying to go the breath, without loosing breath
Like an asthmatic
Scared money never make racks
And we know you been a coward
Don't want no drama so forget about it
Better allow it
Before you meet your maker
And your fam are bringing flowers
Word is bond, and you would never catch me dead without it
You see the weakest in the room is usually the loudest
My hustle does the talk and i don't need to scream about it
Stuck in the mud and had to struggle just to get up out it
While you was sittin' 'round, i was headed to the mountains
Sharper than my mind and so like i was trainin' with the shahmens
Developing my powers
Knew i was destined for the [?] there's never been a doubtin'
My mind are all i had to fool, just to keep me grounded
And make sacrifices when there was no way around it[Bridge]
Yea i'm still standin'
Reppin' for the real mandem
Writin' history, like the bullet that killed Hampton
Didn't know my worth, but i get it now
Unite the people when i shell it down
Swear there ain't no better sound
Doing what i can to help share this wealth when it comes my way
We was getting shunned and shelved
Now we help ourselves, it's a brand new day
Chase that skrilla
Don't stop winnin'
Come let's get it
Gold don't glitter
Hold that pillar
Don't stop billin'[Verse 2]
What's the cost of freedom?
Tryna buy your way out of the spot
You're in. And you ain't got a pot to pee in
Made so many cuts, you can't even stop the bleeding
Failure is no option
No matter what, you can not be beaten
Promise when you make it to the top
You'll stop, and help the people in the position you used to be in
You say it so often now that it lost the meaning
It's the lie you can't stop repeating
Think i stumbled off the beaten track
Check myself, and don't like what i'm seeing
Tell the truth, that's the mindset i often be in
Can't afford to give it back before i've caught the [?]
Somewhere down the line i stopped believing
I really have what it takes to stand up and make a change
I feel like sand in Miami when Malcolm was on his case
Saying he should be using his talent to pave the way
Lately it's blatant that i should be aiming to do the same
That's why i carry this weight
Of the world on my shoulders
I'm getting older and praying it's not too late
I'm setting the record straight
Just depends if this generation are really embracing the things i say so
Am i really the leader, that they're in need of?
The people's champ or just another brother competin'?
Thought i'd be the one who would make it and bring the team in
Can't put my feet up till i make sure that all of us eatin'

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