Black is Time lyrics

Time, time is a ship on a merciless sea (tik-tak)
Drifting toward an abyss of nothingness (tik-tak)
Until it can be recharted for its own destiny (tik-tak) Time is an inanimate object (tik-tak)
Paying and paying and paying (tik-tak)
For no justification for belief (tik-tak)Time is dancing (tik-tak)
Boogalooing away all memories of past experience (tik-tak)
Dancing away all thoughts (tik-tak)
Of personal and collective manifestations (tik-tak)
Dancing, dancing, dancing (tik-tak)
Until you become a slave of rhythm (tik-tak)
Ain′t no longer seek freedom (tik-tak)
Dance, dance, dance, dance (tik-tak)
'Til there′s no more time to dance (tik-tak)
Time is being caught up in a web of fеtal self (tik-tak)
Until you become inhuman (tik-tak)
Somеthing to be controlled (tik-tak)
Time is nothing to niggers and negroes (tik-tak)
Time is nothing to y'all (tik-tak)
Time is gettin' high (tik-tak)Go on to a foreman thinking (tik-tak)
That the next time you can do it again (tik-tak)
Time is running, time is running (tik-tak)
Time is running out on black power advocates (tik-tak)
In the day and white thighed supporters at night (tik-tak)Every time you see them (tik-tak)
They′re chasin′ some white woman (tik-tak)
With their tongue hangin' out (tik-tak)
Time is running and passing (tik-tak)
Passing and running (tik-tak)
Running and passing, passing and running (tik-tak)Like Hollywood niggas (tik-tak)
Who ain′t got nothing better to do with their time (tik-tak)
Than keep their heads (tik-tak)
Glued between the thighs of some Holloywood bitch (tik-tak)
Who has gonorrhea of the mouth (tik-tak)
And syphilis dripping from their mind (tik-tak)
Time is running, time is running (tik-tak)
Time is running, time is running (tik-tak)
Time is comin' to, time is comin′ to (tik-tak)
Time is coming to an ain't no more (tik-tak)Give me five more minutes, baby baby (tik-tak)
Please, give me five more minutes (tik-tak)
I just need five more minutes (tik-tak)Niggers and negroes, y′all and all better get right
At this time, while the time is good
'Cause there might not be no next time

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