[Verse: Tyler The Creator]
In the House of horrors, every door running man
Son Of Sam now getting molested by Ms. Cunningham
Ms. Piggy cutting ham, pussy it was stunning, man
10 Wolf, football with the limbs now we're punting hands
Put them in the skillet, fire it, kill it, burn it, sun it, tan
Like them cracker bitches, I be fucking when her snorting grams
Now I'm raping Mary, she's the only bitch without her lamb
Papa Johns, Papa damn right I'm a fucking band
Pro when it comes to killing bitches with a rubber-band
Open up the door to them legs, bitch I'm cumming in
You should've save the welcome mat, fuck it I'll run over it
Like your intestines when I'm playing jump rope with it
Here come the kids, things are getting messy
Why the fuck you ain't pull out the bib
Bitch put on that ugly dress, and get out my room
I know all your info, so if you tell anywhere I live
I can make it us that, live But you’ll be in the fridge Wolf
Super 3 on the beat, it's like...
Wow, I just said that, the fuck?

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