Do you understand what it is to truly feel alone
The only thing that I can spill my heart to is a microphone
Nobody really listens they just turn it into jokes
Or try to justify my pain because they think it helps me cope
But it doesn't I'm living in state of endless stress
So much weight upon my shoulders it's about to break my chest
I am a mess I hear these people say that I am blessed
Then think to myself if they only knew the rest
They wouldn't be so jealous of my life they`d probably feel pity
I get minimal support from my family and city
Much love and appreciation to ones who riding with me
Cuz most of them all-for-self in the land of the gritty... Verse 2Do you really understand what it is to feel alone
To buy a house and still feel like you have no place to call your home
To help so many with their problems while nobody heals your soul
To know a million people and have nobody to call your own
A single father its just me against the universe
Caring my sons on my back despite how much it hurts
I know it could be worse at least what I am doing works
But is it really even worth piling up all this dirtVerse 3But do you understand what is to truly feel alone
Like Chuck Noland, Robert Neville, and lieutenant Marlow
I'm talking cast away, and stranded, at ground zero
To be the one like Jet-Li but your are not the hero
Everybody sees you as a villain
So Noone helps the healing
It's just you and feelings
Depression is steady building
Anxiety has got me anxiously looking for ways
To stay alive cuz I'm dying to sleep in a grave
You wanna hurt me go ahead I'm in need of the pain
At least it's takes the focus Off of what's going On in my brain
Cuz I'm going insane no way cope with pain
Enough to make me want to take a knife to jugular vein
Don't try to talk to me about this song (my life) cuz you don't know
Just shut your mouth, be my therapist, and keep on taking notes

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