Throw Your Hands Up In The Air (HOT 97 Freestyle)

The Hood$tars


Ch-yeah, yo, I’m from BK borough
Flat Bush to be exact
Put my hood in my nap-sack and on in this industry
We could get it on in these streets to the beats
NBA style with the Hawks or the Heat
Lou$tar, the new star of this rap shit
I’m boning on the models and actresses
Banging outbacks, putting holes in mattresses
And i’m ‘bout to shake up the world like Cashus did
Better relax man, or get hit with a Bruce Wayne
Or in other words a Batman
Ain’t no stoppin’, i’ll leave your head throbbin’
The .45 clips’ll leave your holey-er than Robbin
[?] ever get it
The rain in the chain get me more head than the new [?] fitted
We here to toss these pranksters, off these wanksters
We the hood$tars! [?] gangsters
Ever since a [?] I always been a rapper
I was fatal, rapping with beats to the lunch room table
In school those was the instrumentals
I bled to school, talkin’ bout no pencils
We the type that come through to trash the spot
Your mouth hold no heat like a traffic cop
Rep Brooklyn ‘till the casket drop
Bastards stop, [?] for your ass [?]
In-fact, actually, i love for your to clash for me
[?] I live with no limits like Master P
You asking me? Everybody get a bag with me
My watch rock a ice grill like it’s mad at me
Uh-huh, we getting twisted in the club, nothing but ruckers
Ya dudes is Blow Pops, nothin’ but suckers
You better duck down when them shots prevail
We sending strait slugs at you and we don’t mean snails
Tired of [?] rappers [?] ‘bout they ball hard
Remember Full Force? Got diamond plaques on the wall
Not one, but two, what the fuck you gon’ do?
[?] in the game, me and my Hood$tar crew
Woo, yee
Yee, yee, uh-huh
Lou$tar, the Hood$tars Yo, yo, now must ya’ll rappers always seem to come [?]
Why don’t you let a dude flow? Fuck the maddness
500 [?] and better when I roll out
So now I’m [?] on Gwen Stefani with No Doubt
That’s no doubt, just wait a minute like Ray J
I pop shit to back it up on K Slay
The drama king on the drama album
[?] money and the power
What’s really bad with you, fam?
Yo, dawg, I don’t even really rap
I do better with the head-to-head
If you with me throw your 7s up
And i did, ya’ll tried to mess me up
I lost myself in the music like Eminem
Guess who? It’s him again, him again
Took off the Air Force 1’s, threw on the Timberlands
[?] to the Lou$tar
We got about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 new cars
New broads, just gimme the light like Sean Paul
[?] taught me the bigger the fight, the harder the fall
Hood$tars, Hood$tars, and ya’ll could say what you want about us
But we here for the good cause
Ya’ll sweet like Kit-Kat and Mr. Good bars
My heat like click-clack and [?]
I breeze back [?]
Get out the car, walk through the P’s
You’s a shook one, shook one
It’s Seven Up, I’ll make your honey scream
Can’t hate ‘cause my money green
Take what they want from me
You know the kid don’t play [?] house party
You a class act, come get your ass clapped, brrat
Straight outta Brooklyn, fresh outta [?]
Coney Island, [?]
[?] soon as I got Juice out the hood
I got, who got the props?
NBA [?]
[?] I roll backwards but it’s always better with a dutch
I’m O-T-O [?]
I’m Seven Up [?]
I always drive or fly, I’m never on a bus
I check for a [?]
[?] shoutout all my dudes on Rikers island
I see ya’ll on the [?], yeaaah
Wasn’t tryna hear me last year, but I was hot then
I’ma keep on repeatedly hitting ya’ll with hot shit
Yo, yo, yoUh-oh, Nicki M sped off in the BM
With Patty Duke in the coupe behind her
‘Cause mami’s a rider, the heat beside her
[?] these chickens wanna go against Prada
Y’all must be joking
I don’t care if you Blood or you local
Mami, go against Nicki have you [?] roasted
The poster girl of Queens, don’t forget that
‘Cause it’s the scooby Dooby rap when I spit, brrap
Done when I’m through spitting
Leaves clips in your head like a buticcian
Boo, listen, I’m not your average rap chick in the game
I told you a rap slash actress in the game
Nicki all about the fortune and fame
But my nigga Seven Up’ll put a torch in your brain
She too pretty, skilled and yet gritty
Pack the twin blizzy, yes I gets busy
Oh no, who is she? Huh
Pardon me for not explaining my name
I’m Nicki Maraj in top of my game
And chicks and dudes be plotting the same
That’s why I keep the hidden cam on top of the range
Check it, yo, check it
Yo, it’s the next eppisode
We ‘bout to wreck the show
Wake up, f my ice, neck still dripped with gold
Text so [?]
Even if I go plat’, neck still dripped with gold
New Jack the Ripper in the back with a stripper
With the hash and the liquor
With the stash and the dipper
No cash game is sicker
No passion to kiss her
Whatchu tryna do?
Pump that, Lou, i’m tryna smash her and forget her
C’mon, Hypnotiq to the gut, six bottles in the trunk
Six models in the [?], quick model, that’s what’s up
Money over bitches, don’t fuck with you snitches
[?] in the cut like the stitches
In the gut of your bitches
Ain’t she giving knowledge, my nuts she done pollished
Everything is Chris Wallace
[?] to the papers, damn she caught the vapors
She said my man is like the Knicks and I’m the Lakers
Yo, I’m tryna make these millions
God, feel what I’m saying?
Either rapping or clappin’ [?]
I’m rap animal, call me Doctor Doolittle
Mess with me, dawg, your doc will do little
The wrists look like two bags of blue skittles
And don’t reach [?] the [?] and split ya
Pro tools’ll get ya and i do flow man
And i’m not R Kelly, I don’t do 16’s
I might spit 30, might snap you a 60
F your crew, chump, i’ll eat your whole city
And then shit them out, you know the kid is out
Tangerine, quarter to 8, get it out
I plan to act up so ya’ll better strap up
[?] because your whole face wrapped up
It’s the end of your show, your whole shit clapped up
Join the rap race then get your whole team lapped up
I posted pictures, all pictures are posted
On the V with the toaster, close like i’m supposed ‘ta
Make my money faster than the green [?]
I’m ‘bout to hand your stupid ass up like i’m supposed ‘ta
Go ‘head and diss us, theres no time to discuss
We just gon’ light your broke ass up like Christmas
[?] stay in line like skates
Before I put the 9 to his mind and seal his fate
Fuck a piece of the pie, I snatch a cake and a plate
I don’t blame you, I blame your mom’s for breeding with snakes
Put holes through your sweater, no matter the weather
Leave you like swiss cheese and [?] cheddar

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