We've got history lyrics

It’s funny the stories we tell ourselves
Between the numbers
We’re always running around
Running after each other No matter the words we tell ourselves
We’re just repeating an endless cycle
Trading my heart for a force field
Never asking how I feelI hate the way you say “Baby you’re a paradox”
Like it’s not some kind of way to put me in a box
Contain me
But don’t you dare try to shame meI try to keep my words in chеck
I know I shouldn’t blame you for this mess
But you’re so cagеy, I just wanna be free
I just wanna be free, you contain meBaby after this, we are History
I like the way you kiss, we got history
You’re just too big a risk, we are history
Maybe one last tryst, we got history
the garages – We\'ve got history

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