A Horrible Mistake We Will Make Again And Again

​the garages

It's a good day to piss on the gods
To steal their Camero
And drive it off a cliff into a pool
Yeah that would rule It's a good day to stare at the sun
To flip it the bird with each hand
And say its music taste is trash
And it can kiss our assIt's a good day to vote in a decree
And make a total mess of this whole damn league
So lets show up to the polls and show them anarchyIf i don't know the limits how am I gonna break them?
If you think that we're kidding then you're sorely mistaken
I came here to kick ass and chew gum and open booksIn the language to splorts "routine" means "vicious"
"Book" is "cuisine", "forbidden", "dеlicious"
So you better watch out, 'cause wе know how to cookForget the blases, forget going home
We're just hungry to rip into that goddamned tome
And if you don't lay off, Parker you'll be nextThe players are restless, they're all starting fires
Every game is the same we're just baseball for liars
It's our first season back but the fun has expired
We're all sick of the daylight, light up the pyreAll rules are made to be broken
All forbidden books are made to be opened
So send my love to the stands cause we're tearing them down

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